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I’ve talked about Katie O. starting off night two of the Rockin’ Country Festival. I’ve filled you in on a few performers in between. Now, it’s time to tell you about the closing act. The Ryan Humbert Band wraps up the festival at Ray’s Place at 11 p.m. on Friday night.

Ryan Humbert

Photo courtesy of Ryan Humbert

Someone said Ryan is the hardest working musician in Northeast Ohio. I think they might be right. Ryan and his band members start their night performing at Kent State Stark at the main auditorium in North Canton at 7:30 p.m. Then, they all will make a mad dash on up to Kent to entertain country music fans venturing through downtown Kent. Be sure to chant to get him to the stage faster. It’ll make him happy knowing his fans are eager, but I suggest being a little patient. He’s going to have quite the workout – unloading, loading and….repeat!

If anyone can pull this off, it’s Ryan. No doubt about it. Success is in his blood along with creativity.

Roy Orbison Poster

Roy Orbison poster designed by Ryan Humbert

Ryan is one of the most creative musicians I’ve met. In November 2010, he put together a Roy Orbison tribute show that took place at the Metropolitan Centre’s Grand Ballroom in Canton. I was surprised by the show. I don’t know many artists who would put on this type of a show and pull it off like he did. The look on the audience’s face at the end of the show was…well, striking. Ryan definitely made an impact and recruited more fans.

Within a month after organizing the Roy Orbison show (yes, he organized it), it was time for Ryan’s annual Strung Out for the Holidays extravaganza. The show included an 11-piece band in addition to a string quintet. It was a classy event fit for families and enjoyable for all ages. Christmas spirit was in the air for sure.  “You Got It,” an Orbison classic, was a hit at the Christmas show, too.

Ryan’s performances impress me. When I found out he was going to going country with his upcoming album I obviously had to have him in the Rockin’ Country Festival. He’s going to be singing all of his new songs. No worries, though. You’ll get to hear your favorites from Old Souls New Shoes – “Keeps Me Coming Back for More,” “Trampoline” and “Hand Me Down Heart.” OK. I’m guilty. Those are my favorites.

Album Cover

Photo courtesy of Ryan Humbert

But Ryan does more than music. He’s an event planner, organizer, manager and designer, all in one. In fact, Ryan gave me plenty of pointers as I put together this festival and designed the Rockin’ Country Festival logo.

So in addition to the music talk of this small town songbird post, I thought I’d share with you what I learned from Ryan that can be beneficial to other musicians out there reaching for the stars; you get a two-for-one deal today.

Music is what Ryan loves, which is evident from the variety of shows he’s willing to tackle. But he’s easy to carry a conversation with, he has stage presence and he’s humble. I’m always saying what goes around comes around, and Ryan goes all out to help others. Almost all his shows are fundraisers of some sort. He pays credit to those a part of his shows. It all comes back to benefit Ryan. I mean, he did just raise $10,000 to help produce his album. Kudos to this small town songbird.

So what do you want to hear from The Ryan Humbert Band at the Rockin’ Country Festival? Be sure to put in requests for your favorites and let him know what you think of his new ones. Better yet, if you like what you hear, make a donation to help cover the expenses of the album he starts producing in Nashville next week.


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